5" Air Sander - Air tool
NO: DRP7335
Specifications: 5" Air Sander
Description: 5" Air Sander is designed with built-in regulator for speed control.

5" Air Sander - Pneumatic tool


Model DRP7335

Standing pad: 5" (125mm)Model DRP7335

Free speed: 10 rpm

Air inlet (NPT): 1/4"

Air Hose (ID): 3/8"

Avg. air consumption: 4.5 cfm (128.2 l/min)

Sug. air consumption (HP): 2

Net weight: 1.65 lbs (0.75 Kgs.)

Overall length: 128 mm


Product features:

1) New version,high strength,wear resistant,long service life.

2).Built-in regulator for speed control.

3) Lighter air motor assembly, ideal for vertical and overhead sanding applications.