Mini Air Die Grinder
NO: DPR27313
Specifications: Cap size: 1/4"
Description: 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder is designed with safety trigger to prevent accidental starts.

Mini Air Die Grinder - Pneumatic tool


Model No.:DRP27313

Free Speed:25,000RPM

Working Pressure;0.63MPA

Overall Length:157mm

Air Inlet:1/4"

Avg.Air Consumption:3cfm(85.5I/min)

Air Hose:3/8"ID

Net Weight:0.35Kg

Grinder Cap:1/4


Product features:

1) 1/4"Die Grinder

2) Lightweight aluminum body.

3) Safety trigger prevents accidental starts.

4) Rear exhaust.

5) It can be used with all types of accessories for porting,weld breaking,and smoothing sharp edges,as well as deburring polishing,and grinding.