6" Air Sander Self Vacuuming - Air tool
NO: DRP7336S
Specifications: 6" Air Sander Self Vacuuming
Description: 6" "Air Sander is designed for all kinds vertical and overhead sanding applications.

6" Air Sander Self Vacuuming - Pneumatic tool


Model DRP7336S

6"150mm air sander(Rear exhaust)

Free speed :10,000 rpm

Eccentric Drbit:5mm

Air Inlet:1/4" 

Air Hose(ID):3/8" 

Avg.Air Consumption:4.5 cfm

Sug.Air Comp.(HP):2  

Net Weight:0.8kgs                                                                                                                                                      

Max working pressure:90 psi  


Product features:

  • 1) Heat treated eccentric shaft  by Ipsen imported from Germany.  

  • 2) High quality bakelite rotor blade,durable and hard to deformed.                                                                             

  • 3) Industrial bearing,high precision and long working life. 

  • 4) Light Weight, Low vibration, Low center of gravity design.

  • 5) Perfectly Balanced Sanding Pad, Low vibration for swirl-free finishes.       

  • 6) Best for all kinds vertical and overhead sanding applications

polisher of welding slag,weld,rust,burs and metal products processing residues.


Product applicatios: 

  • * Construction

  • * Automobile and other fabrication

  • * Manufacuring and repair industries

  • * Mold industry

  • * Woodworking and furniture manufacuring