1" DR. Air Impact Wrench - Air tool
NO: DRP7485
Specifications: 1" DR. Air Impact Wrench
Description: 1" Air Impact Wrench is designed for used for big truck repair,pipe pile factory.

1" DR. Air Impact Wrench - Pneumatic tool


Model DRP7485

Square Drive:1"

Capacity Bolt Size:2"(50MM) 

Free speed:3600Rpm

Sug.Air Comp:5HP                                                                                                                                                       

Air Inlet:1/2" 

Air Hose:5/8" ID

Net weight:39.68Lbs(18Kgs)

Avg.Air Consumption:40 cfm(1140L/min)

Overall length:23.17"(636MM)                                                                                                                         

Working torque:2200Ft-lb(3000N.m)                                                                                                                          

Recommended air pressure:90PSI


Product features:

1) Ergonomic design handle,central of gravity is more steady,operate comfortably and easy special alloy steel strike structure,

    strong,anti-fatigue,super long life,excellent torque/weight ratio.

2) Used for big truck repair,pipe pile factory that requires big torque screw bolt's assembly.

3) A knob has 3 position forward and reverse rotation adjust function,used for different torque requirement,easy operation.

4) 45 degree air inlet design,prohibit hose twist from working,and operating easily.

5) Longer drive shaft,satisfy limited and concave place's screw bolt assembly.