DRP7432: 1/2" DR. Air Impact Wrench
NO: DRP7432
Specifications: Twin Hammer mechanism Air Impact Wrench

1/2" DR. Air Impact Wrench


Square Drive:1/2"

Capacity Bolt Size:5/8"(16MM)                                             

Free speed:7500Rpm                                                                        

Working torque:420Ft-lb(570N.m)                  

Overall length:7.3"(185MM) 

Air Inlet:1/4"  

Air Hose:3/8 ID 

Avg.Air Consumption:5 cfm(142.5L/min) 

Sug.Air Comp:3HP           

Net weight:5.7Lbs(2.6Kgs)

Recommended air pressure:90PSI(6.3Bar) 


Product features:

* 1/2"extended anvil air impact wrench

* Twin hammer mechanism has 2 identical hammers that delver an instantaneous balanced blow,reducing vibration and transferring more torque the anvil than any other mechanism on the market

* Twin hammer mechanism provides more power and smooth balanced blows (screened filter) air inlet keeps dirt and debris from damaging the tool

* Twin hammer impact wrench is designed for tire shop suspension frame and other heavy duty automobile work