SQS-2105 Vacuum System Cleaner & Tester kit
NO: SQS-2105
Specifications: Cleaner & Tester kit
Description: Most Handy use - Vacuum System Cleaner & Tester kit

Item No. QS-2105 Vacuum System Cleaner & Tester kit



‧ Release the bluse cap from the canister.

‧ Insert the cleanning reagent into the canister and fasten the blue cap on the

  canister securely.
‧ Connect the quick coupler of Red hose to the adaptor of blue cap.

‧ Remove the rubber vacuum hose from the connecting   bars of   the  the 

  vehicle vacuum system. (Please see reference picture). 
‧ Insert the White cone tip (Part #1) of the blue hose to the vacuum hose of vehicle.

‧ Start the engine, the vacuum meter will indicate minus 50 CM-HG range.
‧ Turn on the control valve on the end of Red hose.  The cleanning reagent will
  run into the vacuum system of vehicles. Then start to clean the vacuum system.

‧ After 7 to 10 minutes, intake valve and conbustion chamber will totally remove

  the carbon in the chamber.

‧ Remove the White cone tip (Part #2) from the vacuum hose of  vehicle and
  reinstall the vacuum hose to the connecting barb of vehicle. The cleanning

  procedure is completed.

* PACKING : 6 / 10 / 11 / 1.9'
* CTN SIZE : 50 x 38 x 29 ( cm )